Rule Supplements

Alchemy systemRolemaster
Anti-Gibbering SystemList of Quotes
	 Reid Bluebaugh
Colleges of MagicFantasy Hero Supplement
	 Various (mostly Bob Hall)
Critical Hit/Miss TableArduin Grimoire (modified)
	 Ctah Byd
Female Attributesfrom Judge's Guild
Guide to Dice GamesGeneric Supplement
	 Reid Bluebaugh
Mage2Mage Spell Definition Language (SDL)Magic System
	 Robert M. Reimann
Magic SystemGURPS Alternate System
	 Russell Wallace
Psionics system based on K. Kerr's Deverry SagaGeneric supplement
	 Phil Scadden
Realms of SorceryWarhammer supplement
Talents based on M. Lackey's Heralds of ValdemarGeneric Supplement
	 Rosaleen Dhu

Database last updated 2003/6/19.