Setting Information

Cults of Eleskar, Misarde, Naguhl, The Soul EaterDescriptions (Runequest)
	 Steve Maurer
DeniPurditory Race Description
	 Mark Grundy
Fantasy CitiesList of Things Encountered
Grasslands of MerakaiCampaign Setting Description
	 Mark Hassman
Interesting ShopsList with descriptions
	 Roger Terrell
Into the GapCampaign notes
	 Alan Terlep
Monster DescriptionPurditory
	 Craig Morton
Monster DescriptionPurditory
	 Michael Barlow
Myths of Empyrea, TheMythos description
	 D. J. McCarthy
Norse Mythology (Gods, Creatures, Items, Places)List of names
PurditoryMechanics-Free Milieu Introduction
	 Mark Grundy
TabolportCampaign Setting Description
	 Freeland Abbott (compiler)
Thunder RiftSF Campaign Setting

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