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The Keep

Between 1990 and 1996, I amassed a large collection of files, mostly related to RPGs (Role Playing Games), which were posted to various Usenet newsgroups. Since then, most of this type of material has been posted to the web instead and it's just too hard to keep up with it all. Plus it's readily available where it is.

What's more, now that Google is making all of the historic news postings available, this archive is more and more obsolete. I am not actively working on it, and don't expect to any time soon (if ever), but I am leaving it here as-is for those who use it.

The list is divided into eight sections, listing RPG systems, rule supplements, information about or for campaign settings, adventures and ideas for adventures, other GM aids, fiction, humour, and miscellaneous RPG material.

You can follow the links here to see complete sections, or you can search. All fields are searched, so you can find works by particular authors, related to specific game systems, and so on. If this is your first time searching here, please see the list of search tips.

Not everything that I have archived is on these lists; much is of limited interest, and not worth the effort it would take to list it all. Also, there is a lot of "incoming" stuff that I have saved but not yet sorted out. You can use the FTP site and poke around to your heart's content. (The incoming directory is pretty disorganized and willy-nilly, but there's lots of gold in there if you care to do a little mining.)


If there is something you would like to see archived here, please send it to thekeep@trawna.com and I will consider it. Ditto for bug reports, or if you have copyright-free graphics, or suggestions for graphics, that would work well as icons for the sections (note poor and missing images to the left).