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Search Tips

If you didn't find what you were looking for, consider the following...

Searches are performed in the following manner. For each item in the list, a list of keys is compiled, consisting of the name of the item, the name and email address of the author (where known), and any notes about the item. If every word in your search phrase is present at the beginning of one of the keys for the item, then a match is assumed.

Also, consider these tips...

  • Try using less words in your search (especially, leave out A, The, Of, and similar words). Often, one word is enough. The list isn't huge (only several hundred items), so at worst you may get a few matches you didn't want.
  • If you're not positive about the spelling, try a different spelling or use just the first few letters of the word.
  • Capitalization is unimportant (the search is case-insensitive).